Social media applications


When a company decides to join social media, it must take into account that the interaction and actions that lead to the engagement of the fans is very important.

Did you know that the consumer spends an average 2h38 per day on smartphones and tablets, and 86% of that time (2h19) is spent on applications?

A database is much more than a simple list or table.

It offers complete control over your data, allowing you to get them, sort them, analyze them, summarize them and communicate results at certain times.

In E-commerce there are no barriers to marketing of various products, or barriers to reach customers in various parts of the world.

Intranet is the ideal solution for internal communication quality.

Before investing in communication strategies for the public, it is important that companies and brands are aligned in their internal communication. The use of the intranet is one of the most efficient tools for this.

The document management is essential to good performance of a company and a reflection of its internal organization.

One of the biggest challenges a company has, is to win and keep customers. To guide the process and provide the Commercial department, Marketing and Customer Support better and more complete information about the Customer, CRM  enables organizations to develop the most appropriate marketing and sales strategies to achieve better results.

In Mzbusiness we not believe in standard solutions, we work under the concept that custom development creates greater value and competitive advantage for the customer.

Combining automation software with a team that knows how to work with them , achieving the best results , will certainly bring more efficiency to the company in any area that she is acting.

The accommodation in Cloud is a web hosting technology that brings plenty of benefits to those looking for an on-demand service.