Mobile applications

Did you know that the consumer spends an average 2h38 per day on smartphones and tablets, and 86% of that time (2h19) is spent on applications?

In a world where smartphones become increasingly essential to carry out daily tasks, applications have, in general, a great impact on the user's life and end up helping in various situations.

Many applications provide facilities for users and therefore growing interest in use different applications in day-to-day.

Developing a mobile app will not only create real benefits and short-term for your company, but includes it in a business world where negotiation and delivery of goods and services is increasingly dependent on mobile technology.

Some advantages:

  • Best user experience: Mobile Applications enable better use of graphics and interface, providing a faster and more pleasant to use for the user. Moreover, it is possible to provide content to be accessed in offline mode, ie without internet connection.
  • Lower cost of access: In applications all part of the interface is already installed on the phone, which implies a much smaller data traffic to access a particular Internet content
  • Access to native phone features: The application enables the use of native resources phone as the camera, GPS, Bluetooth, phone book, among others, very useful to perform different tasks throughout the day.
  • Sales: a company selling goods, content and premium access within applications is possible. Besides allowing also shop online and make payments.
  • Data collection: data collection users by filling in a form.