CRM - Customer relationship management

One of the biggest challenges a company has, is to win and keep customers. To guide the process and provide the Commercial department, Marketing and Customer Support better and more complete information about the Customer, CRM  enables organizations to develop the most appropriate marketing and sales strategies to achieve better results.

Management processes that rely on CRM 's are in the forefront in strategic terms not only in terms of marketing, but also in the medium term, at an economic and financial level.

Companies that deeply know their customers , what they need, where consumer profile fits , can create custom responses , anticipating and responding accurately to their needs.

The aim is to achieve higher quality, a more significant contact through better information, better timing, and above all, a business culture more proactive.

CRM advantages:

  • Automation of sales force: Contact management, opportunity management, registration and information updating and customer preferences;
  • Improved customer support: Registration and follow-up of questions, complaints, suggestions , requests for information,etc;
  • Support to Marketing campaigns: Collecting business information, competition, market trends, etc;
  • Better management of existing resources: Through the CRM usage time is saved in human resources and the passage of information that is no longer necessary since it is constantly available and updated;
  • Clients registration: Centralises the registration and facilitates customer data analysis, segmenting them in order to be able to identify potential opportunities;
  • Customizable: Structure customizable and adapted according to the needs of each company.